Online Computer Engineering Degree: A Convenient Option

If you choose an online computer engineering degree, you get the same benefits as having attended classes on campus. The advantage is you have more flexibility with your time and can study at your own pace. Online programs are now state-of-the-art, allowing for interaction with faculty and students without necessarily being physically present in one venue. But since the job requires experience and skills, the training or internship is very important.

Computer engineering programs encompass a broad field. While it used to just be a branch of engineering, now it has evolved into a specialized field of its own, with many other sub-specializations, like:

  • Hardware engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Systems analyses
  • Database administration
  • Computer systems and architecture
  • Algorithms and high performance computing

Does it meet requirements?

Employers are more likely to hire people who complete a computer engineering degree with many hours of hands-on training, even if they accomplished the instructional portion of the course through an online computer engineering program.  You simply have to choose an accredited university or college that offers the program and which has tie-ups with companies for internship to get the training.

Usually, schools offer the same degree programs online and on campus. With our techno-driven world, and pursuing an online computer engineering degree, online classes have become so state-of-the-art that you can actually interact with faculty and other students even in the comfort of your home or office. 

An online computer engineering degree can either be an associate, bachelor, master or doctorate degree. An associate degree usually concentrates on computer engineering technology and is classified as a vocational course. Most companies, however, prefer working with graduates who completed a four-year bachelor degree and may, in the future, even require further studies or higher degrees for advancement in the workplace. 

Degree options

Computer engineering is an equal combination of electrical engineering and computer science, and the first year courses are more engineering-oriented, while the succeeding years focus on specialization into the areas of design and programming that will eventually prepare the student for real life and actual situations.  Among the online computer engineering degree programs you can choose from are:

  • BS in Information Technology – Software Engineering . Students will be taught to apply information technology and theories to address business opportunities and challenges in the real world; specifically it concentrates on software application development.
  • Bachelor in Computer Engineering Technology. The course incorporates design and implementation of hardware and software to create advanced electronics that are part of everyday lives. The curriculum includes electronics engineering technology and computer science courses. 
  • Master of Science in Software Engineering. The program combines management and team building coursework with technical training in systems design, object-oriented programming and testing.

As the field becomes more specialized, the programs offered by schools and universities also evolve to address the demands for specialization.  But whatever you choose to focus on or build a career on later, an online computer engineering degree will definitely prepare you to become part of this exciting, challenging and lucrative industry.


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