Is A Computer Engineering Degree For You?

computer engineering degree will bring you closer to being an inventor of sorts.  What people don’t realize is how important a role computer engineers play in our everyday lives. The job may mostly be behind the scenes, but for as long as we rely on computers for our needs – whether directly or indirectly – a computer engineer is invaluable and likely responsible for it.

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What to expect

Think of a car’s engine… or the ATM machine that dispenses cash… or the computer game you’re trying to master online… or the microwave oven that will give you dinner. Behind every appliance, equipment or machine that serves our needs is someone with a computer engineering degree, who designed it, thought of how to improve it, constructed it and tested computer systems to make sure everything works perfectly.  Technology grows at a break-neck speed, so every minute there are systems to consider, software to design, an electronic part that needs programming and in all this one or more computer engineers put their skills together to make it happen.

Computer engineering programs are no walk in the park. Computer engineering degree requirements are more stringent than most. It is a bachelor degree program, but you need a strong foundation in math (advanced trigonometry classes in high school is a plus) and science, especially chemistry and physics.  It involves a lot of research, actual training, knowledge and skills in electronics, technologies development and even insights into a broad spectrum of activities like manufacturing.  A computer engineering job requires problem solving skills, mostly related to systems in electronics and how things can function better.  Although business management is rarely a career path for computer engineers, their keen talent and skills in computer engineering, software engineering, or science engineering make them the backbone in many a successful enterprise. 

The program is basically engineering at its core. The first year courses combine computer and electrical engineering electives, but from the second to fourth years, subjects focus on the particular career that a student wants to pursue after completing the degree. But specialization has become necessary with the computer age advancing and the principles of computer engineering so intrinsic in everyday things.  

Sample coursework

DeVry University, with its 90 locations all around the United States, offers a Computer Engineering Technology degree program. Should you decide to complete this program, the training is geared towards applying skills and concepts to real-world problems and situations that will ultimately be addressed by some computer hardware or software application or design. Among the courses included are:

  • Programming Environments and Java with Lab
  • Microprocessor Architecture
  • Data Communications and Networking
  • Operating Systems
  • Database System Design

While the degree requires several hours of actual experience – which a number of universities provide through internship tie-ups with companies – you can still earn an online computer engineering degree.  Engineering schools now offer online programs, on-site or a combination of both to provide candidates with options to prepare for their chosen career path and eventual employment.  The profession is one of the fastest growing, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, because of the continuous demand for such skills, and because a computer engineering salary is among the highest.


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