Computer Engineering Salary

computer engineering degree salary for a fresh graduate is about $55,000. That’s pretty high for an entry level salary, but then so are the stringent requirements to land a job – a bachelor degree in computer engineering, hours of actual training for skill proficiency through internship and passing certification and licensure exams. But it’s all worth it. Creative problem solving, which is what computer engineers basically do, can be quite complex and challenging … and deserve to be rewarded well. 

Variety is the spice of life

With a computer engineering degree, career options are varied and plentiful. You can work at laboratories, hospitals, offices, classrooms, or even manufacturing plants. Depending on your skills and inclination, computers are only tools to create, improve or solve problems faced by people in the real world. You can work with data systems, sifting through tons of information that will lead to finding the next medical advancement or environmental breakthrough, develop materials for the visually-impaired, or research and design equipment that will increase efficiency in disaster response. The possibilities are endless should you decide to pursue a computer engineering or computer science degree in college. And the computer engineering salary range is nothing to sneeze at.

Computer engineers or scientists are becoming more in demand because technology has become an essential part of everyday living. Be it a service or goods, computers most likely played a part to produce or create it. It’s not simply about hardware and software, electronics or communications, mechanical or civil engineering, but all that and more. And unlike other professions, a computer engineering job relies as much on team work as it does on individual outputs. 

Expected growth

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has identified computer engineering as one of the fastest growing careers. And more colleges and universities are developing and offering the program to respond to the need. Whether you earned an online computer engineering degree or attended classes on campus, your chances are about equal to land a rewarding job. 

After earning a computer engineering degree online or on campus, work is open for:

  • Design engineers
  • Quality control engineers
  • Development engineers
  • Computer architects

In 2006, the median salary for computer engineers was $79,780 and the average annual compensation was $56,201. Earn a master degree or doctorate degree and you can further improve financial prospects with earnings ranging from $80,000 to $85,000 a year. While most students who pursue the course are in it more for the challenge and fulfillment, the computer engineering salary is certainly an incentive.  

In 2002, the median annual salaries for computer engineers working on software applications per industry were:

  • Software publishers – $76,450 
  • Navigational, measuring, electro-medical, and control instruments manufacturing – $75,890 
  • Computer systems design and related services – $71,890 
  • Architectural, engineering, and related services – $70,090 
  • Management of companies and enterprises – $67,260 

Many who are now employed in the field are more than satisfied not just with the pay, but with the flexibility they have in terms of work hours. You can work as much or as little as you want provided you produce the results needed when they’re needed. And contrary to perception, computer engineers actually have a lot of fun in their chosen field. Compared to other fast-growing careers, the computer engineering payscale is very attractive especially for those just starting their careers. 

Even students still in university and preparing for their computer engineering careers tremendously enjoy the experience they gain during internship. Needless to say, it’s a rewarding career and the computer engineering salary proves it.  


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