Computer Engineering Programs: Tailored For Every Need

Computer Engineering Programs

Computer engineering programs have evolved as sub-specializations in the industry became necessary. Before computers and technology pervaded our lives, computer engineering was itself a sub-specialization under electrical engineering, but the requirements became more specific and a strong background in computer science was called for so it eventually developed into its own field.

An overview

Hardware, software, database systems, digital system design, programming. These are part of the jargon you will live and breathe as you work towards a computer engineering degree.  Earning a computer engineering degree is now more convenient with the internet. While holding down a job, you can pursue any of the computer engineering programs online, setting your time and pace for studies. Just choose an accredited and reputable computer engineering school or university to help you achieve this. 

Computer engineering programs, are also offered at the associate level, but are usually introductory and considered vocational. While you may find work with only this in hand, the choices are limited. Career growth will really depend on the knowledge you acquired, the skills you developed and the training you earned which is why you must aim for the top computer engineering programs.

Computer engineering programs primarily prepare you to use computers as a tool for creative solutions that will address everyday problems: how to make a car run more efficiently, how to toast bread perfectly in less time, what applications to install in a cellphone, how to design the next medical equipment that will determine what causes cancer.  Graduates of the program will always say computer engineering and computer science are not solely about sitting behind a computer. It is making use of the computer for research, business, manufacturing, media, banking services.

The breakdown

At the bachelor degree level, the commonly offered programs are:

  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology

A university, however, may offer a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering as a general program, as in Colorado State University, with focus on digital and computing systems.

At Kaplan University, they offer more focused programs such as: 

  • Bachelor’s in Information Technology – Application Development, 
  • Bachelor’s in Information Technology – Database Management
  • Bachelor’s in Information Technology – Health Informatics
  • Bachelor’s in Information Technology – Information Security and Forensics 
  • Bachelor’s in Information Technology – Network Administration 
  • Bachelor’s in Information Technology – New Media/Internet Marketing 
  • Bachelor’s in Information Technology – Project Management 
  • Bachelor’s in Information Technology – Web Development

Computer engineering programs are tailored for the exact needs of end-users. Now it is a matter of you, the prospective computer engineer, to decide what to choose and pursue. It’s a matter of inclination and desire. But whatever your eventual decision, carefully look over the computer engineering programs to see what will be best for you.


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